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How To Post Videos From Youtube And Vimeo Directly Into Topics

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As of the latest 3.2 forum software update (10th Feb 2012), this is how you post videos direct from YouTube or Vimeo. Simply cut and paste the URL from the browser:


In YouTube, click on the "share" button.


This will open up a link that you simply copy and paste into your post.

In this case it is the Bob the Builder opening theme tune, which you will now be singing for the rest of the day.

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Don't know why but I can't get it to post any vids directly any more, all that comes up is a link, any help gratefully received.

If using youtube ones follow Monkeys advice (at the top). There is a media button now.. :thumbsup:

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Finally figured it out, I was leaving the http address at the start which meant it was coming up twice in the media box and so only working as a link, cheers for the help B'boy, so the answer is to not copy the whole URL as http// is already in the media box.

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anyone know how to post youtube, i can't get it to work anymore

Just copy and paste the URL of the video straight from the address bar, into the reply box and the forum magic will sort it automatically.

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