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NSR250 MC28 Speedo conversion to MPH


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I thought i would add this here as i lost all the info and it took a while to refresh my memory about how to do it.
Anyway i cannot take the credit it was someone else who gave me some verbal pointers and started me off on this path.

So as you know the NSR250 MC28 has the "smart"card and digital speedo and as such reads in KPH which is a bit of a pain for us here in the UK.
Its pretty easy and cheap to convert and this is what you need,
Get over to svaspeeedos.co.uk and order yourself a E0021 converter for £35
once you have this follow the simple instructions here (don't worry if your converter has a green lead it still works)


Speed is shown in MPH and mileage will increase at a slower rate too
hope this helps someone else converting a Honda Digital speedo fed from the front sprocket area.

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The E0021 is not  available anymore. However

Buy one of these converters http://www.kbtv.info/speedo.htm
Find the wires from the speed sensor by the front sprocket
Trace them to the 3 pin connector somewhere close to the front of the seat subframe LHS
Use the +ve and -ve feeds to power the KBTV unit
The yellow wire is from the sensor
The grey wire goes into the loom
The green wire is superfluous
I used 2mm flat pin connectors to make the jump leads

That's it :-)

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