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What's pissed you off today?


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9 minutes ago, Versatile said:


His daughter's picture is in the cancer page here.  Lisa would go do Chemo and then go to WORK...

My youngest son 1st tattoo was dedicated to her...

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Well, that's about as shitty day as I've had for some time. My poor cat was so weak this morning, he essentially fell from where he was sleeping, the chairs under the dining table, and then stagg

Getting the phonecall on Friday evening that my best mate, of almost 30 years, Dave Two Dicks, made the decision to end his life in the most awful way possible. His life was being systematically

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I saw Mick go up against a Prop who was more than half his age. We were laying concrete and Buster was being his usual obnoxious self.

Mick had heard enough bullshit and waded into the wet concrete and got Buster by the front of his shirt.

If they'd have gone at it properly I think I would have helped Mick.


Buster was a shit. He managed to roll a 15T 360 through incompetence and didn't even apologise.

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