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What have you bought today?


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D'ya loike dags? Meet Jess. Five months old and fuck knows what breeds are in there. Picked her up yesterday from the Dogs Trust and she already owns the place. I think the foster owner must

A Christmas treat from me to me:

I’ve bought this today!! 😁  

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Yesterday - Chord Poly

Today tickets for site meeting in Weybridge ... although a trackside fire someplace meant only very limited service out of Waterloo so I flicked it off

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New jumper, well technically my mother bought me a Christmas jumper that is, 

A, about 5 sizes too big 

B, fucking horrible and I'd never wear it. 

I know it's not Christmas yet and I shouldn't have looked but it wasn't wrapped up, just in a posh bag, with its tag still on ( £32 fer a Christmas jumper!!!!!!) so I thought I'll try swapping it before Christmas as I have more chance of success, so for £6 extra I now have a particularly nice drinking jumper that I can use more than once a year 


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An England Rugby waterproof top thing - a present for my nephew from mum.

An Alpaca scarf - a present for me from mum.


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A bottle of Nikka Miyagikyo, a hamper of truffle-based eats and a set of g&t spices. None of which are for me. Still got an arseload of presents to buy...

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I bough a £1 go on the tombola at a Santa day fayre yesterday and did win a bottle of Genfiddich which I gave back to the organisers asking if they could give it to their charity beneficiaries on Jesus day morn*







*Rumanian orphans **


** amused me at the time***



*** I must have been still pished from saturday


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2 minutes ago, Jenny Pryde said:

Some apples, some tomatoes, a bottle of single malt and some Lemsip.

Good smoothie right there.

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