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On ‎9‎/‎30‎/‎2018 at 2:07 PM, dab33 said:

You were about three vans down from me last sunday.  Bike looks tidy in the fresh.

Thanks, it's developing a nice 'club race chic' patina after a couple of minor offs! :)

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About time for a bit of an update.

After seizing the top end at 3 sisters last time out, I had the cylinder replated and completely rebuilt the motor. The intention was to do one of the days of the 3 sisters weekend meeting as a shake down run before Aberdare Park races. Unfortunately the people that supplied the clutch cover gasket sent euro3 ones instead of euro2, so by the time the correct ones arrived, I'd missed the cut-off to get an entry. At least I managed to run the engine before my entry for Aberdare went in the post!

I arrived at the park in heavy rain on the Thursday early evening, and after meeting up with a fellow 50cc rider from the IOM and setting up camp, immediately went on the piss! :beerchug:

For anyone that's never been to Aberdare, this is what in looks like on a very wet afternoon before the racing has started.






Apparently the hay bales are to protect the trees/monuments, not the riders!  :rock:

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On Saturday morning I opened the van door to bright sunshine, unfortunately by the time the kettle had boiled, it looked like this:


with more black clouds heading our way, so on with the wets, and for the first time in my racing career, a clear visor!

Newcomers get an extra practice session first thing on the Saturday morning, so I made sure I was towards the front of the queue to go out behind the 'instructor'.  The first couple of laps were horrible because we were going so slowly, but as we picked up the pace a bit,  I started to feel more comfortable with the track. My unofficial lap times started at 1.08, and ended up at 58s, which I was quite happy with, considering bigger bikes were flying past on the straighter bits, and holding me up on the corners.

Official timed practice for the 50s was a bit later, and again I made sure I was one of the first ones out on track. I expected to be overtaken by people who had raced at the park before, but not one bike came past in the whole of the 10 lap session. I nearly shat myself when I saw the timing sheets, I'd qualified third, with a 55.8 second lap! Happy days!

Lined up ready for the warm up lap prior to the start of race one. Yes, the start finish straight IS that steep!


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And finally I got my dyno sheet from Ian at viper racing. I didn't want to announce the initial figure from this motor without proof, as I've already been told I'm talking shit. Well here it is, 17bhp from 50cc, that's 340 bhp per your earth litre. Not bad for a first attempt. :beerchug:



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4 hours ago, HOGG said:

Just read the whole thing. Some photos missing at the start 😔


Makes me wanna build a 50cc

Racing 50s is awesome. just like going for a blast with your mates when you were 16! :rock:

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